Golf Cart Permit Renewal

All golf cart permits expire at the end of this month. New permits are $40 and are good for 2 years. To get a new permit, call 217-468-2476, option #1. You will need to provide your most recent insurance card when you get your new permit.

March 10, 2022|

Water Tower Update

The water tower has progressed ahead of schedule. As of today, the tower has been built, the chlorine building delivered, and the water main connected. The next step in the process is painting of both the inside and outside of the tower, electrical work, communication  equipment installation, and further internal work on the tower  At this time, we still expect the tower to be online sometime this summer, with the old tower scheduled for demolition by fall.

Last week, Austin and I met with the engineers to discuss the next phase of our water infrastructure project, which the is the replacement of undersized and aging water mains. Currently, there are several water mains in the village that are 2 1/4 inch mains. These mains are severely undersized and should be upgraded to 6 inch mains. Originally, the mains were to be replaced at the same time the water tower was built, but it was determined it was in the best interest of the village to handle that portion of the project separately. At this time, we do not have a timeline for the water main replacements, but we are taking the steps necessary to secure the approval and funding needed to proceed.

Mayor Keathley

January 22, 2022|

Curbside Leaf Collection

The Village of Oreana will be providing curbside leaf collection service next week. Weather permitting, collection will take place on Monday, November 22nd and Tuesday, November 23rd.

Streets east of the school will be collected on Monday. Areas to the west of the school will be collected on Tuesday.

Leaves should be brought to the curb before the designated day. No leaf bags, brush, or sticks will be accepted.

Please call the Village Office at 217-468-2476 with any questions.

November 17, 2021|

Emergency Alerts and Notifications

The Village of Oreana uses the Macon County Emergency Alerts and Notification system to communicate about village emergencies such as boil orders, road closures, parking restrictions, etc.

The system gives you an option of receiving a phone call, text, or e-mail in the event of a notification. To sign up, visit

November 1, 2021|

Mosquito Spraying

During months of high mosquito usage, the Village of Oreana will be using a truck-mounted fogger to spray insecticide to control mosquitoes. The Village uses a licensed vendor to perform this work.

The spraying will generally start around 9:00 PM and will take place a few evenings a month at most. The Village will post a notice on Facebook and send out a message through the Macon County Emergency Alerts and Notifications system 24-48 hours in advance. To subscribe to the notifications, click here.

Please see the below fact sheet from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for additional information. For additional questions, please call the Village Office at 468-2476.


July 21, 2021|
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