Oreana Park

Located in the center of the West Plains Addition, on the West Side of Oreana, the Oreana Park has something for everyone. Amenities include several playground areas, a Gazebo, Covered pavilion, walking-path, indoor restrooms, and lots of open space for families to enjoy!

Park Hours: 6AM – 10PM

Walking Path Distance: 1 Lap = 1/3 of a mile

Oreana Park Pavilion
Oreana Park Gazebo

Whitmore-Oreana Community Building and Park Pavilion Reservation

To Request a reservation for the Oreana Park Pavilion or Rent the Whitmore-Oreana Community Building, please call Village Clerk/Township Supervisor Anne Kirby at 217-853-2339.

Oreana Park Rules

  1. No public meetings without prior approval of the Village Board.
  2. No selling, soliciting, or peddling of any kind without prior approval of the Village Board.
  3. No use of park land or facilities by any organization, without permission and approval from the Village Board. All organizations will be required to furnish a proper certificate of insurance, abide by all rules, and clean up all areas used.
  4. No person shall display any placard or advertisement on any park property, nor post, or affix any notice, advertisement, or signage on any area in the park.
  5. No airplane, rocket, drone, flying is allowed in the park.
  6. No dog or cat shall be allowed to run at-large. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  7. No fireworks, or firearms allowed in the park, except upon authority granted by the Board.
  8. No person shall bring, carry, or use in any way, knives, firearms, or other weapons of any kind in the park.
  9. No person shall remain in the park after designated park hours. The park is open from 6am to 10pm.
  10. No camping, tents, hammocks, swings, or other shelters may be erected in the park without prior approval of the Village Board.
  11. No person shall light or make use of any fire except in such places designated for such purpose and then only under the regulations prescribed by the Village Board, or other Village Officials.
  12. No alcohol is allowed in the park. This shall not apply to the Whitmore-Oreana Community Center, when authorized by building management.
  13. No person under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs shall enter, or remain in any area of the park.
  14. No person shall use any abusive, threatening, insulting, indecent, profane, or obscene language within the park.
  15. No person shall make, or assist in making any improper disturbance, or breach of peace within the park.
  16. There is to be no dumping, or depositing of trash in the park, or park trash receptacles, except that which is generated within the park.
  17. No golf or games that utilize a golf ball or golf club may be played in the park.
  18. No motor driven vehicles may be driven on the walking path, or grass areas, except as needed to service or repair a public utility, as authorized by the Village Board of other Village Officials.
  19. No gambling in the park.
  20. All local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations remain in effect.